Alessi Tea Kettles – Works of Art and Utility

by Axel W.

Alessi designer kettles are works of art and utility at the same time. Who says the two can’t be combined into a seamless blend of function and beauty? The wide array of choices provides ample proof.

The Alessi 9091 kettle is an excellent case in point. It’s a truly fine design that looks contemporary even though this model was first created in 1983. From the ergonomically designed black handle to the half-dome container to the superb brass spout, the Alessi 9091 is a work of utilitarian art.

This was the first of Alessi’s designer kettles and they chose well for their premier offering. The mirror polished stainless steel exterior offers a singing brass whistle, producing mi and si for you when the water boils.

Though it bears a similar model number, the Alessi 9093 kettle is a completely different design. Yet it shares with its cousin some of the same outstanding features. First introduced in 1985, it has remained in the Alessi catalog because it continues to provide unsurpassed contemporary style.

The Alessi 9093 is a product of the prolific imagination of designer Michael Graves. It houses a magnetic stainless steel bottom that gives stability and thorough heat diffusion. With a spacious 2 liters you’ll get plenty of use. Yet, thanks to a powder blue handle and volcano-shaped pot, it lends style to the . A humorous touch of a little bird whistle at the spout completes that superior style.

For the ultimate in style, consider the magnificent Alessi Il Conico kettle (# 90017). It seems impossible that it should have joined the Alessi family so far back as 1986. The sharp cone-shaped pot made of mirror polished stainless steel seems to have emerged only yesterday from the designer Aldo Rossi’s drawing pad.

The handle – a sturdy L-shape seamlessly integrated into the cone – provides both easy lifting and a delicate touch that never detracts from the design. That makes the Il Conico something you’ll want to feature on the stove at all times. It will never be hidden away into the cabinet to be used only at preparation time.

Go one step further along the path and embrace architect Frank Gehry’s Pito kettle. Characteristic of the architect’s work, the mirror-polished pot is asymmetric. That makes it not only a piece of functional kitchenware but a piece of art that will generate many an interesting conversation around the stove as you wait for the water to heat.

With unique mahogany wood handles designed on a sea life motif, one whale forms the handle while the other provides a spout with a truly distinctive whistle. You’ll find no other kettle like the Alessi Pito in the entire Alessi catalog.

Naturally, one doesn’t purchase a kettle based on the artist’s name alone. But that name has become renowned because of the many stylish and innovative products from their hands. A whole range of Alessi designer kettles demonstrate that with ease, even to the most severe critic.

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