Southwest Style Into Your Home

by Jo Perty

The Southwestern decorating brings the old west to life. It features bold colors and Native American patterns as well as brings the desert into your space. The cornerstone of this is to use rustic pieces along with leather and silver items. This is based on the cowboys of the old west.

When choosing the colors for the wall in your space use bold colors such as burgundy or deep turquoise. Then use Native American print throws and pillows that accent the walls. This will add interest to your space without being overwhelming. This style focuses on casual comfort with a western theme.

Furniture in the decor will need to be a masculine look, perhaps made of leather and having some darker woods for the tables in the room. If you want to add some more authentic feel to the furniture distress it a bit. The feel and look should be that of the old west or a log cabin.

The flooring in this style space is generally hardwoods with a rustic tone to them. The floors need to look as though they have stood the test of time. They should be warm and inviting. This space needs to have the feel of an old cowboy’s cabin with the rough hung floors and masculine furniture.

With an area rug added to the room you will make the room even more impressive. Get an area rug that has a nice Native American design, or just has the bold colors of the southwest. You can easily find some great reproductions of fantastic looking Native American rugs in many stores and it is hard trying to choose the correct color to fit into the room and a design that is all southwest. This will also add some nice warmth into the room also and a comfortable feeling.

Accessories that deal with the southwest style are many to be found too. Besides the rugs that will tie all the things in your room together, get some silver to go into the room. This will help to add to the decor but also break up some of the other pieces a bit too.

As stated earlier the southwest look is full of bold colors, you can decide to paint the room in one of these colors or even one wall and make that wall the focal point of the room. This look may not be the best for all rooms in your house but can easily be pulled off in more public areas that all people will see. This design will give your visitors some nice points to discuss and look at. Remember to add the feel of the Old West with a nice authentic southwest look. Adding some bold colors in which way you feel will bring the look together the most will help out too. Don’t forget to add some Native American feel with some great prints on the walls, or even a nice stencil design around the room. Southwest is a fairly easy way to design your .

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