Lawn mower maintenance

by Jackson Blythe-ONeill

The is a fairly expensive piece of equipment and it warrants some care so that its lifetime can be extended. A properly maintained mower will last for years, and will provide optimum performance when used. On the other hand, a poorly maintained machine will be troublesome to operate and won’t last very long.

There are certain key aspects of lawn mower that need to be borne in mind.

Care After Mowing the Lawn

After every use, you should clean the top and also the underside of the lawnmower so it stays free of dirt and help it to stay free of debris that can clog the underside and cause issues for bagging. Another good idea is to clean the grass out from under the wheels each time you cut the grass and also clean the grass that may be trapped under the blade. If you were to leave the grass there, after time the lawn mower will rust and you will need to purchase a new mower. If you own a water cooled mower, make sure to check the coolant level after use and also clean the radiator. For 4 stroke mowers, make sure to check the oil and add oil if it’s low as low oil level will cause the engine to fail.

Lawn Mower Care before winter

When winter arrives, it is time to put the lawn mower to rest as the lawn will be covered with snow. It is best to prepare the lawnmower for this long rest. Drain the machine of all remaining fuel. Evaporation of fuel during a long dormant fuel may cause the carburetor to clog up. Run the engine until all remaining fuel is burnt up.

Lubrication & Oil Information

The general rule is that oil in a lawn mower should be changed at least one time per year. While you are doing this, make sure to lubricate the throttle components as well as the choke to all the parts to move properly. If you see grease fittings, make sure to grease these one time each year as well.

Blade Replacement

For blades that are dull, make sure to replace them. The general rule is the replace them once per year as a dull blade can damage your lawn and also cause an uneven cut. Check the blades regularly for damage and to make sure they are sharp and replace when necessary.

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