Vivian’s Professional Cleaning Service

by Ray P. Pope

For greatly increased number of Americans who lacks time, hiring is heaven sent. Since time is very limited from work and home responsibilities, doing household chores is the last thing we want to do on our free hours. Having a service these days is not a luxury anymore. As we try to make the most out of our busy lives and leisure times, hiring someone to clean for us has become more in demand and common.

Hiring an occasional cleaning service assures you that your house will be taken cared of more than you could. Having a clean house prevents diseases that can harm you and your family and it provides a healthy environment.

Families with a scarcity of time most often turn to domestic cleaning services for extra help with their cleaning needs. Here are some several factors to consider when hiring a cleaning service.

References in A good cleaning service should have a license to operate their . This is important to secure your valuables at home or your home furnishings if an accident happens. A license to operate validates that the is fully operational legally in the community.

Employee References It is also necessary to check for references for the individual who will be performing the cleaning tasks for your home or business. Get informations like the length of time they have worked in that company, their experience in cleaning, their expertise, and so on. Make sure you get what you paid for.

Liability Insurance This is very important when hiring a cleaning service. Ask whether you or the cleaning service is responsible for the liability insurance. If you are required to cover any accidents that may occur, you will need to let your insurance agent know if there is a need for additional coverage. If they are responsible for the liability insurance, get a copy of their coverage.

Offered Services Be detailed on what services you want to pay for. Cleaning companies that offers full services often break down the types of work you are asking for and the number of days you want their services. A stay-in cleaning service arrangement is, most costly. For those who just require minimal help, one or two days of service is enough. Make sure you prepare a list of routine you want them to complete daily.

Transportation Requirements Some cleaning services have vans with complete tools for cleaning. Check transportation arrangements if this is not included in their service contract. Some employees require clients to provide transportation. This is should be determined before signing the service contract.

Nowadays, you can easily hire the cleaning services from the internet. Cleaning service providers have also used the internet to market and promote. It’s very easy for anyone to hire a cleaning service company net. You can select any type of their services they are offering . You can also compare prices online. This is a very convenient way to get quality service. Get discount while you’re online!

Vivian’s cleaning service have cleaning businesses and homes in the Florida over 20 years, owning her own business for 7 years. It’s a family owned and operated business. Fully licensed in Escambia and Santa Rosa counties. Commercial cleaning daily, weekly, bi-week and monthly. Economical long term plans available. Move In/Move Out cleaning. Commercial cleaning can be done before or after hours. Vivian furnishes all her own cleaning supplies and equipment for a cheap price. Call for a free estimate iQpon8506375596. Monday thru Friday times available.

Vivian’s Cleaning service 9103 Caribbean Drive Pensacola, Florida 32506 is available everyday of the week as scheduled. Get free and printable discount coupons (or iQpons) at and online Thrift Certificates (or Gift Certificates) that are on sale now! Experience quality services only at Vivian’s Cleaning Services.

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