The Bedroom A Forgotten Room

by Collin Caldwell

It appears that the is the most neglected in the house when it comes to redecorating and this could be because all of the decorating emphasis is usually spent on those areas that are seen by other people like visitors and guests. The decorating budget goes to areas with more visibility and the bedroom isn’t usually open to the public. So bedroom updates are few and far between.

A bedroom is a place where you will spend time; it can be the place where you get away from whatever you have faced during the day, a place where you go and relax and of course sleep each and every night. So many people have bedrooms that haven’t been changed for years. This means that everything is outdated and most likely the room doesn’t even have a theme it’s more thrown together.

How do you change that reality? Like everything else in the decorating world, what you do depends on your budget. If the budget is large and flexible, you throw everything in the room out and start from the bare walls. You create the room exactly as you want it to look. Unfortunately, most of us cannot afford that approach.

You can however create a new look to your bedroom and not spend a bunch of money. But first you need to decide what style or look you want in that room. Most likely you will want to change the colors around. Painting doesn’t have to cost a lot and you can save money by only painting one wall of the room. Not only will that save you money but with only one wall done it will still change the look of the bedroom overall.

If you will be keeping the bed, consider covering the headboard with fabric. Polyester batting is cheap and you might have some leftover material that you could use for the covering fabric. A covered headboard can give style and emphasis to an unexciting, mundane bed.

The bedroom can be brightened considerably with the addition of plants and flowers. You might move a plant from another room or start a new plant from a cutting. Yard flowers can be used to give color and aroma to the room.

A great and inexpensive way to add color and life to the bedroom is by getting some area rugs. They have so many different colors, designs and shapes that you shouldn’t have a problem finding a nice addition to the new look.

Rearranging the furniture is free but can pay dividends in a new look. Most rooms have more than one wall suitable for the bed placement. With furniture unmoved for several years, you can lose sight of the potential of the room. With just a few shifts in the furniture placement, you can give the room a whole new perspective.

A change of bed coverings will dramatically update the appearance of the room. If that approach is too expensive, purchase a few throw pillows in a variety of colors and arrange them on the bed. The colors will contrast with the comforter and add interest to the room.

If you don’t have a lot of room, you can always take out a few things in your room, or purchase one of those things that will allow you to store things under your bed. These are very easy to use and you can find them at a decent price.

If you have one wall that stands out because you have nothing on it just add a nice drape on the wall. It will living up the wall and the whole room.

Though the bedroom is usually ignored when it comes to redecorating you should really try and change it around. Yes it won’t be seen by others but to make a nice sanctuary for yourself you can spend a little money.

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