Feng Shui and Colors For Your Home

by Tanya Hurley

is a way that the Chinese believe will bring about a balance and energy into your room. Chi is what the energy is and with the right use of it is said to be able to flow from all objects in the room and help to get your energy back. You need to set up in the right way so that the chi is able to flow in the right way.

One of the most important aspects of this and the chi working correctly is by picking the right to place in the right areas. The you see will largely decide how you feel when you are looking at the objects, and this will allow the chi to either flow freely or make it less functional. The purpose of the room will also decide what sort of color you should use. If you use a color in the wrong type of room you will only depress the chi and not allow yourself that extra energy.

In order to learn which colors you should use for what type of room, you need to understand feng shui a bit better. Relaxing room should have colors that are bright and light, this will have you being relaxed. While if you have a room where you have work to do you don’t put a dark color there because it will also make a person want to relax.

What kinds of objects you have in the room will also determine if the chi will flow properly. Don’t put too many light or dark colors in one room; this will bring about the opposite affect you were hoping for. Too much power in one room will become way too overwhelming.

Using an area rug in the room may help to influence the mood of a room in a certain way. The color from the rug can help to set the tone of the room since nearly everything in the room will be playing off of it. The furniture can blend or contrast with the rug, just as the walls will have an influence on how the area rug looks on the floor. Helping the chi to flow through the room should be an area rug’s primary purpose. Causing too much obstruction will only work to block the flow of the chi.

A great way that you will be able to figure out if you have feng shui set up in a room properly is by how a visitor will react when they come into the room. If you notice that they have a bunch of energy and are happy, as long as this is what you want from the room, you have everything in place the right way. While if they have the opposite reaction of what the room should have you have got to change the room around and cut down or add the proper colors. The best ways to tell if you have the feng shui right again is by watching how people react to the color schemes and objects you have in the room.

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