Kitchen design – meeting your needs

by Simon Haines

The best modern is a mix of a stunning look and the practicalities of day to day usage with the aim of matching the needs and living style of the owners.

You might be refreshing the look of your kitchen or starting again with a custom built kitchen. Whichever path you are on, you should consider a few simple points.

Firstly consider the feel you wish to create, your ambiance. Next it is worth looking at the main factors that influence the feel such as worktops, cabinet styles and colouring, tiling and possibly updated appliances. The trend at present is for contemporary kitchen designs. Otherwise the trend is for more traditional feel.

Secondly, a successful comes from a complete understanding of the requirements of the kitchen users.

It is important to ask yourself questions about how the kitchen will be used “Do you have a young family and need a safe family area? Do you need space to entertain guests? Are there enough food preparation areas? Do you need to fit in a kitchen table?” Often houses have a free flowing open plan arrangement or you may have a single purpose kitchen just for cooking.

The amount of floor space available is key, but even small spaces can be maximised to give a more spacious feel. One technique to make the best use of small spaces is to place all the cabinets along one wall and to make sure that the appliances are not too big for the space.

For a lot of people a sociable kitchen is a big priority. Using an L shaped arrangement with two additional island units gives a great start to this goal. The two island units provide areas for cooking and preparation of foods and an area for sitting and taking to the chef. Using this layout for the design gives several aspects towards creating a social kitchen.

1. a safe area for eating/entertaining etc away from the food preparation and cooking areas

2. The two islands so the need to walk around long units to get around the kitchen.

3. Combined kitchen and living areas.

It is easy to feel restricted by the units on off in store. Take the time to work with the inhouse design services to work out the best use of space.

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