Outdoor Rug Buying Advice

by Celine Marstoni

There are numerous motives for why a person would want to invest in an expensive . Many of the people buy for their kitchen setup. Extending your indoor kitchen outdoors is becoming a popular trend in new houses as well as renovations because it increases your living space and entertainment area.

Some benefits to include weatherproof, decoration to your patio or deck and more comfort to your feet when you are outside. can vary in price range, but a lot of them are well worth the cost. Overall, having an outdoor rug can benefit your experiences outside the home.

Especially with living in a townhouse, my husband and I like to utilize every space that we have. Underneath our deck we built a patio that is about 24 feet by 15 feet. It looked really bright (we used the red bricks) without anything on it. So, we took a trip to Home Depot and purchased an outdoor rug. We did want to extend our house, therefore we built the patio and we wanted to decorate the patio therefore we bought a neat design of an outdoor rug.

All of the benefits definitely outweigh the deficits. Outdoor rugs are made for all types of weather and most of them are guaranteed to hold up for a certain amount of time even during rain, snow, sleet or sun. As mentioned above, they add character to your outdoor space. Also, it is a great way to keep your feet from getting splinters on a deck or to keep them cool on that hot summer day.

Outdoor rugs can vary in price range depending on the size that you decide to go with. A standard size is approximately 8 feet by 10 feet. We picked our neutral rug up for about 90 dollars and we have had it for about two years. I would say that that price is about average. You could probably find a better deal online, but we were in a hurry and wanted to purchase ours on the spot. It is a better deal to shop around and find exactly what you want.

Outdoor rugs are a great way to make you feel like you have an extra room outside of the house. Looking at reviews on the rug can help you determine what rugs are the best for your need. There is no need to worry if it rains on your rug or if you want a little extra touch to your deck or patio. That is what they are for. Enjoy and happy shopping!

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