green tomato seeds

by Tracy Ballisager

Many people do not know that tomatoes come in a variety of different colors. Tomatoes not only come in the typical red and colors, they also come in purple, black, pink, orange, white, yellow, and variegated. In fact, tomatoes are not always indicative to tomatoes that are not quite ripe. There are a couple different varieties of tomatoes, such as , which is a green striped , as well Aunt Ruby’s German , which is a with a pink blush. are known for their mild, spicy flavor.

Green tomato can be had from several . A simple search online will bring up many places to look for the you want. It is difficult to find seedlings in the market for green tomatoes, so starting them from seed is your best bet. Once your arrive, you’ll need to prepare an indoor area for the seedbed.

Before beginning a garden, you will want to know when your area is expecting its last frost. Then, you will want to plant your seeds approximately 6-8 weeks prior to this date, in some high quality sterile growing mix. Since seeds sometimes stick together during shipping, be sure to separate all of your seeds before planting them. Keep in mind that not all seeds will germinate. And if you end up with too many, you can always give some of the seedlings to family and friends.

grow just like any other . Plant them about ” deep in either a seed flat or in small pots. Water them lightly. You’ll want to keep them moist but not wet. You may find a mister works well. Just give them a misting whenever they need it. If you cover the pots with a plastic hood or some plastic wrap, it will help keep the moisture in. germinate best if the soil is at 75 F to 90 F. If you start a lot of plants from seed, you may want to invest in a heating mat made for .

Once the seeds begin to sprout, you will need to adjust the temperature of the plant slightly. You will want to drop the temperature down to between 60⁰F and 70⁰F. Also, you will want to expose the seedlings to sufficient lighting in order to keep them from getting leggy. Tomato plants love windows facing the south. If you don’t have access to a window, then you may want to consider putting the plants under a full spectrum fluorescent light, placed just a few inches above the pots.

When the seeds have sprouted for the second to third time. you have to transplant them in a pot that is 4″.

The plants will need to harden off, before they can be transplanted outdoors. In order to do this, you simply set them outdoors during the daytime for several hours and then bring them back inside. After about a week, you can extend the time they are outdoors. Eventually, they will become accustomed to being outside. At night, you will need to protect the plants. Once the plants are fully accustomed to being outdoors, you can then plant them in a garden. You will need to put up some type of supports around the plants if they are a type that grows tall.

Now you can plant them outside . Use a tomato cage on your plant.

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