Best Ideas For Small Spaces

There are so many things you can do to make your space look bigger, comfortable and stylish. Don’t be discouraged to give time and effort in decorating your house just because of its limited space. It is always good to come home to a place where you can relax after a very busy day.

Here are three simple tips to help you decorate your small room:

1. Choose the right .

2. Hang mirrors on the walls

3. Get organized.

Cleaning Up Your Space

Look around your house. Isn’t it strange that you want to maximize your space yet there’s too much stuff scattered all over it? It’s time to sort things out and decide which of these should be kept and disposed.

Keep only what you need and is relevant. You have to admit that there are things in your home that are not used at all but you refuse to get rid of. You are trapped with reasons like, “I have to keep that because what if I need it in the future” or it just makes you feel good to know that you have that object stored somewhere in the house.

Sometimes it’s really hard to let go of the old things you’ve kept for so long. You can take it one step a time. Begin with things that you are ready to give up. Set a deadline for the ones that still need to be evaluated. After three months, you have to make a call. Keep them or get rid of them.

Getting rid does not mean throwing all the stuff in the trash. You can sort those that can still be sold to thrift shops, put on a garage sale or donate to friends and .

Colors that Match your Small Space

Use cool colors like light blue or green to make your space feel and look bigger. Warm colors like red and orange absorb light and make your space look closed or tight. If you can’t live without deep colors, you can one main wall with it but keep the other parts in light colors or paler than your wall accent.

It is best to use monochromatic colors for your small space. This way you can create a unifying impact. Too many contrasting colors in a room can create distractions. If you love the color blue, don’t go too far from its shade. You can alternately use light or medium blue on other parts of the house.

Mirror, Mirror on the Wall

If you have a small space, the first things you need to buy are mirrors. Large mirrors placed over a sofa or in any focal area of the house can create an illusion of a bigger and open space. Always remember that mirrors can make a small room appear spacious.

Mirrors come in different styles. Be sure to pick the mirror that will help you create not only a spacious room but a stylish one as well.

There are limitless ways to decorate your small space. In the end, being comfortable is what truly matters. Enjoy your small space and keep it cozy.

This article was written by Benedict Yossarian. Benedict recommends Judge Ceilings and Roof Bond for your home improvement needs including Roof Insulation and Suspended Ceilings

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