Decorating Your Walls

by CJ Dalton

Trying to change the look of your room but not wanting to change a bunch of the items in the room? Well this can be done by changing things around on your . The objects pictures or other things that may be placed up on a wall can add to or take away from any style you may be trying to bring into the room.

A great way to bring in a nice loving feeling to the room is by making a collage of a whole bunch of family photos. Depending on the size of the wall will depend on how big you can make this collage.

Many people have large spaces of wall that they have no idea how to decorate. This is a very common problem as most people cannot think outside of picture frames or artwork. What they do not realize is that they are not confined to ordinary paintings or portraits on the walls. There are plenty of ways to decorate your walls that do not have to cost you a lot of money, will make your home seem more like a home and will also cover up large spaces on the walls.

Collages are one way that you can decorate a large area of wall space. You can make family collages by gluing pictures onto posterboard. You can cut the pictures into shapes to make it more attractive. You can get a template for shapes at any craft store that sells scrapbook supplies. Once you have created the collage, you can either choose to have it framed or you can frame it yourself using poster frames that you find in a discount store or craft store. This can be a bit time consuming but it gives you a good way to display pictures and also is very inexpensive. The cost for the frame and the posterboard is usually less than ten dollars.

How about going out and finding some wall hangings, or even adding in some shelves to the room. With shelves you create extra storage space so if the room seems cluttered you can reorganize some of the things up on the shelves to move them out of the way. A mirror is another nice way to cover up a wall. Finding a nice antique mirror that will cover up a lot of the wall will bring in a nice touch to the room.

Adding an area rug in the room for either its texture or color is another good idea. You can even put these area rugs up on the wall. It’s a great way to get some of that space used up and add a nice warmth into the decor. This is a cheaper way than spending a bunch of money on a more exotic wall hanging.

When it comes to adoring your walls, think outside the box. Look for wall coverings that reflect a sense of style and creativity as well as give the room depth and warmth. You have many choices when it comes to wall adornments other than just pictures or paintings.

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