The Benefits And Joy Of Crafts For Kids

by Anika Woods

Art is, or at least should be, a big part of everybody’s life. It expands creativity and critical thinking, and let’s be honest, it’s fun! Unfortunately a lot of kids don’t get the opportunity to do a lot of creative art work during their childhood years. This is where craft activities come in handy.

Crafts get your kids working with their hands and thinking critically and abstractly about how they’re going to create their project. Even something as simple as creating bead necklaces or bracelets is fantastic. Different colors and patterns will emerge from your children with each new thing they create, and they will probably have a story for you about why it looks the way it does. That’s fantastic, it means they’re putting thought into their crafts and loving it.

Art and craft is a lot more stimulating for a young mind than watching too much tv or playing video games. It allows children to use their brain in a whole new way. It helps children to realise their creative side and express themselves in a way that they may not be able to verbally. You are also more likely to discover any hidden talents or gifts that your child might possess. Too much electronic entertainment could sadly hide a child’s true creative potential for many years.

It might seem time consuming to a lot of parents having to set up craft activities and then clean up the mess after wards. But believe me the benefits far out way the negatives. You are likely to find that arts and crafts will keep your children entertained for longer stretches of time, giving you the opportunity to attend to other necessities of day to day life. Also because most children enjoy this type of activity so much, they are more likely to be enthusiastic about helping to set up and clean up after wards.

If your kids are old enough you could teach them to make something more complicated like a dream-catcher or some type of specific design. These things will take long to make, but because they’re more complicated to create your child will benefit more from doing something more advanced like this.

Paint and glitter are also loved by kids all over the world. You can buy some blank t-shirts or baseball caps and let your children go to work on them. Just be careful because paint and glitter spread easily, and can make a huge mess if you’re not careful. Try laying out a old table cloth, or piece of plastic sheeting to catch any spills and make cleaning up a lot easier.

You can also create a big, on-going project for your kids. Get a giant piece of cardboard or wood and put it in your basement with a bunch of paint, glitter, cotton balls and anything else you want. Then let your kids work on it for an hour or so each day, and after a month they should have an amazing and beautiful piece of work finished.

As long as your kids are using their hands and being creative when they’re creating arts and crafts, you can’t go wrong!

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