You can teach Gun Safety with Airsoft pistols and rifles

by Chris L. Martinelli

“Brandon, if you ask me again for an you are going to be grounded.” the mother continues, “I never had even a bb when I was a child. My mother was afraid of guns. Those BB’s could blind a child if you shot them in the eye.”

So what if your friend Carlos is only 9 years old and has an arisoft gun? “Listen, honey, I’m afraid that you’ll shoot an eye out with these little bb’s. and I’m your mother, not Carlo’s mother.” You are only 10 years old. I read somewhere that these airsoft guns were not for children.

Deciding the type of air-soft gun you will buy may be influenced by the power you want as well as handling and cost. There are hand held , pump type , and automatic . The prices obviously range depending on the type of gun you choose and the features of that gun.

A young adult, teenager or some 10 year olds are perfectly capable of using the air-soft guns safely when started off under adult supervision. There has never been an accidental shooting by a properly trained person. Accidents don’t happen they are caused by ignorance and lack of knowledge.

Airgun recreational parks and ranges are springing up in rural areas because families like to play the outdoor war games with airsoft guns. Some of the airsoft fun parks rent airsoft guns and sell the 6mm BB’s ammo. You will also need to rent or buy face masks to protect your eyes and face from getting hit with the Airsoft BB’s.

What to do about those ugly 6mm little plastic airsoft BB’s all over the lawn and yard? At the Portland gun show I attended with my husband and I saw where they were selling the bio-degradable bb’s. That will solve the pollution of all that ammo scattered in the yard.

What about of the face and eyes? How do you protect the eyes from those airsoft guns that shoot over 300 feet per second? I saw a full face mask that looked good to protect my son face. Even the ears needs protection from being shot from the .20 BB’s being shot from a gun that shoots 330 fps.

Teaching gun safety is important when there are children in the household. Showing them how to handle an airsoft gun, and helping them to learn sound gun safety practices will translate over to real guns as well. Can airsoft guns children safety? We believe airsoft guns are the wiser choice in teaching safe gun practices.

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