Chicken Coop

by mboudabangang

Building a is not only a great hobby but it is also an invaluable skill that will serve you for years to come. Learning to raise healthy will provide you with fresh organic eggs on a daily basis and you can even use your newfound skills to make money by building coops for other people as well. One of the most important elements when getting started for the first time with a is to always have the proper building plans.

The most important factor to think about as you search for coop plans is how many chickens you are planning to keep. If youre going to be housing six or more chickens, you are not going to be able to effectively keep them in a small sized coop.Bumping it up to a medium or potentially even large sized coop will really work to your benefit and ensure they are laying their eggs correctly.

While a lot of people view their chickens as and part of the , many people get into the business of small farming for the eggs that hens provide. If you’re interested in the eggs, then you’re going to need to include nesting boxes for your . Fortunately, they couldn’t be easier to build. While you can opt to purchase large steel nesting boxes or expensive pre-made ones, that’s really not necessary. Building your own nesting boxes is cheap, easy, and can be fun.

Make sure you have a good source of light for your chickens. Ideally this would be natural sunlight and youd choose a chicken coop plan that factors this into the building plans and builds it at the right angle towards the sun.If you live in an area that does not get that much natural sunlight though or where you are building the coop does not allow for light to penetrate in, then you will want to consider a non-natural light source to keep your chickens happy.

One of the most important step that we are covering when you want to know how to build a chicken coop is that your chicken feeders and waterers should be placed so your flock can have easy access to them. However, you should also be careful where you place them because chickens like to make a mess due to their chicken scratching instincts. You dont want to have feed all over your coop’s floor, so in order to avoid this, you should place the feeders at the height of your chicken’s back. This way, they have to stretch their necks to get to the feed, but wont be able to reach the feeders with their feet. The same goes for the waterers. Just make sure that you keep the feeders filled with fresh water throughout the day.

Hens aren’t particularly gluttonous creatures. They’ll eat their fill and then go about their business. Thus, most chicken feeders work from a very simple design with minimal human interaction – they don’t require any electronics or things like that. In most models, you simply fill a larger hopper with feed that automatically drains down into a central feeding tray. As the hens eat more of the feed, the extra food in the hopper filters down and keeps their tray full.

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