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has become such a popular subject, that it is seen as a constant theme in contemporary media, including major movies, TV programs and in music. The growing awareness and concern with environmental issues is fueling the fundamental shift toward being more environmentally conscious and toward using whenever possible. There is still much pollution and waste in the world today, but there has never been such a high and growing level of awareness and motivation to change our fundamental lifestyles in order to save and cure our climate. is a fundamental piece of the puzzle for not only a healthy planet, but a healthy life as well.

A renewable energy system isn’t just the best hope for our future… it’s here and now. Renewable sources such as , hydro energy and can never be exhausted and are harmless to the environment. Renewable energy provides us with a route out of economic recession and depression and will change our way of life. It is a responsibility we should all embrace sooner rather than later.

Trends toward renewable energy are taking hold on a more widespread basis every day. One will hear more frequent mention of terms like “green construction” or “green companies”. These terms refer to building houses in an environmentally friendly manner, making as much use of renewable energy technology as possible and to businesses that have adopted an organized and serious policy to reducing their environmental impact through use of renewable energy.

There are a large number of companies, both large and small, that advertise their specific product or service that fits into the renewable energy industry. There are a great number of businesses that manufacture, install and repair all types of . Likewise, there are a corresponding number of businesses that sell, service and install systems designed to capture wind power. Still more companies are out there manufacturing and selling various forms of biofuels. Biofuels include bio diesel and ethanol. There are also a very few companies engaged in research and development of hydrogen furnaces which run on biomass, often barnyard waste. While all these companies are in business to make money, the combined effect of what they are selling and producing is a positive one for the environment. Renewable energy is an undeniable fact of life for us now, and we all have a form of social responsibility to do our part to advance it into the mainstream. Regardless if the motivation is purely financial—to either make or save money—the end result is the same; a reduction in the emissions and pollution produced by traditional fossil fuels, and a cleaner, more sustainable environment and economy.

It is easier than you think to harness solar energy. With modern technology and sophisticated gadgetry, the power of the sun can be tapped and converted into various other useful forms of energy. Residential kits are manufactured by several companies. If you decide to purchase such a kit, be certain that a home kit features sturdy and efficient photovoltaic solar panels The Internet is a great place to find information on and to purchase kits. Many companies have information on installation for home owners. By harnessing the power of the sun, you can reduce your dependence on non-renewable energy.

Increase Home Value: Like any home improvement, installing a residential solar power system is a proven a way to increase the value of your home in the marketplace. Although in most cases it?s not practical to take them with you if you move, solar panel systems have no moving parts and can last for 30 to 40 years. According to some reports, a solar electric system can potentially increase a home’s value by approximately $20,000 for each $1,000 in annual reduced electrical costs.

Home wind mills have been around for over 100 years, but now they are regaining their popularity. Once restricted to farms and other rural areas people are now putting up home wind mills in record numbers. Why?Well, because home wind mills offer clean energy, free energy, they contribute to the reduction in global warming and dependence upon fossil fuels. There are two kinds of home wind mills that are gaining in popularity including the rooftop variety and those that you can put in your yard.

Purchasing a can be very expensive. However, if you like do it yourself type projects, then you will be happy to know that a can be build in your own back yard or garage. Using instructions found at, you can build your very own power generating wind turbine that will power your home, and save you a lot of money in the process.

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