Alessi Girotondo Items – Bring Childhood Happiness Into Your Home

by Axel W.

For those who don’t speak Italian, “Girotondo” is the word for a simple children’s game. You’ve no doubt seen the little paper cutouts that children have been making for generations. Designers with a delightful sense of humor adapted the design. The result? An entire series of household that combine cheer and practicality like never before. at its most basic.

The humble (AKK44) provides a great example. The section that holds keys forms a loop that resembles a child’s jump rope. The portion you hold with your hand is shaped in the form of that little person. You get a practical object that delivers a sense of delight and childlike joy. Alessi Girotondo at its most basic.

In some cases, say a Magnet Set (AKK43), that design icon is all that is needed. No extra ornament or features. Go beyond the ordinary when you have to tack a note to the refrigerator.

Now retire to the library with a good book. Take along your Girotondo Bookmark (AKK53). Yes, it will keep your place in a novel just fine. But it will also remind you to laugh a little every day.

In the kitchen, Girotondo can perform a number of tasks, each with the same sense of joy and ease that a child in summer enjoys. A Breadstick Holder (AKK09) may be pierced with that iconic shape stamped in mirror-polished stainless steel. Easy to clean, safe, and very lovely, these items are a favorite of many.

That same pierced stamp method has been used in the Fruit Holder (AKK05). The effect is even grander here. This stellar bowl is large enough to hold several apples, peaches or oranges and the color will provide a beautiful contrast to the lovely polished 18/10 stainless steel.

Complete the design with a Girotondo Pepper Mill (KK48). The mill section is stainless steel polished to a high sheen. The rotor is in PA. Lovely. Simple. Top off the container with a Girotondo in blue or green and you have a work of art that does double duty as a spice dispenser.

Now relax in your home office after a fine meal. Girotondo follows you there, too. A Pencil Holder (AKK41) will bring a smile everytime you see it sitting on your desk. Glance a little to the left and see your Girotondo Photo Holder (AKK22) with your young one dancing in the same fashion as the little icons around the border. Select an Envelope Holder (AKK40) formed of little people holding hands and slip all your correspondence into it.

There is no end to the uses for Girotondo. Alessi has taken this simple, yet clever idea and formed an entire collection of objects both useful and lovely. Select those that suit your decorative needs and let the joy of a carefree childhood fill your home.

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