Eco-Friendly Kitchen Decorating Ideas at Craft Fairs

by Mara Hernandez-Capili

This month we are celebrating Earth Day. Some of us are already familiar with this celebration because it is always in the newspapers and in the Internet. It is a worldwide campaign that aims to promote public awareness on how to care for our planet. The media plays a huge role in celebrating Earth Day since it is the main arm on promoting and advertising about it. This article is written to provide us with tips on how to celebrate Earth Day right inside our own homes- specifically our kitchens.

At Iowa craft fairs and festivals there are special classes that are aimed to promote Earth Day in each home. At the class, Earth Day instructors teach the attendees on how to conserve energy and promote environmental efficiency and care more for our planet. Some of these tips include using paints that contain low VOC (Volatile Organic Compound) or no VOC at all. VOC are gases found in paint, paint strippers, wallpapers and thinners which can be toxic to the environment and on human health.

Natural flooring material such as wood, cork or stone (marble, granite, and tile) are advisable to use. These natural materials do not contain harmful chemical elements unlike their synthetic counterparts. Cork is a great flooring choice as it very much like wood in price and cork trees are faster to regenerate which is every after 9 years, unlike oak or maple trees which regenerate every 30 years. Carpets, vinyl tiles and other engineered hardwood floors are proven to contain synthetic materials that are harmful to the air and the Ozone Layer when burned.

To conserve water, use a water saver faucet for your sink requirements. A flow rate of around 2.2 gallons per minute is fine. Use energy efficient appliances so you could help contribute to the efficiency of energy uses and resources. Always look for the “Golden Star” label on each kitchen appliance that you purchase which is guaranteed to pass the guidelines of the U.S Department of Energy and Environmental Protection Agency.

Be kind to our planet, even though you do not have any place to do it but inside your own kitchens.

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