The New Design Studio From Provo Craft

by Sammy DeOrtha

Anybody who has previously enjoyed the unique usability of the Provo Craft Cricut cutting machines will be excited to hear that a new product has been released in addition to the brilliant Cricut range ? the new Cricut Design Studio software.

The Cricut Design Studio adds a completely new dimension to your Cricut adventures, whether you own the original little Cricut or the larger Cricut Expression. Just by plugging your Cricut into a USB port on your computer and installing the Design Studio software, you?ll enter an exciting new world of design possibilities. One of the best parts is this program is easy to use and understand. It?s not necessary to be a computer wiz to figure it out and you can do a multitude of creative effects with the addition of this one piece of software.

Whats The Benefits Of Design Studio?

With the Cricut Design Studio you will be able to create designs using any image from the cartridges you own. You can shrink or enlarge images. You can flip them, rotate them, stretch and distort them, all before you?ve even installed the cartridge. As with most computer design packages, you can also save your project before it is complete and come back to finalize it another time. Once you?re done designing and everything is exactly how you want it to be, just pop in the first cartridge, press one button, and your computer and Cricut Machine will take care of everything. It won?t make you a coffee while you wait, but it wants to.

Another benefit of Design Studio is that you can examine every available design in the entire Cricut library, whether you own the cartridge or not. Simply type in keywords to search for a particular image or phrase and you can see exactly how it would look in your projects. This will help you decide if you want to purchase a particular cartridge or not. You can even preplan your design and save it until you get the necessary cartridge or borrow it from a friend.

Are There Disadvantages to the Cricut Design Studio?

Presently this software is compatible with the Windows XP and Windows Vista platforms. Unfortunately for some Cricut fans, the software is not yet Mac compatible and so cannot currently be used with Macintosh computers. Besides that, the only restriction you are held to is having to sit at your computer desk while you work. Crafters with laptops will enjoy much more freedom and can design as they watch TV.

Overall, the Cricut Design Studio is a wonderful addition to your Cricut collection. The software is reasonably priced, considering it started out retailing for $89.95, but is now available for as low as $59.95. The benefits you receive are well worth the cost. Take your crafting to a whole new dimension with the Provo Craft Cricut Design Studio. You are only limited by your imagination.

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