Self Defense Products – Yet Another Inappropriate Use.

Yet another occurrence of Self Defense Products being used with ignorance. A corrections officer at the Franklin Correctional Institution in Florida used a Electric Stun Gun on young children during a “bring your kids to work day.”

The corrections officer who used the stun gun on the children said he was authorized by the parents to shock the young kids to teach them what happens to people who chose the wrong path….There are a ton of non-violent programs out there to help teach kids to walk the right path. For the moms and dads to give the corrections officer permission to do this is both irresponsible and stupid.

The parents were obviously fellow prison guards since it was a bring your kids to work day. These guards should know better. They use these Personal Security Products on a daily basis and know the side effects they have on a full grown adult but, what about a little kid who’s body is not fully developed yet? A Electric Stun Gun isn’t intended for using it as a demonstration on small children. They are made as a method of self defense against attackers. I am not saying all corrections officers think this way but, these guys are just plain stupid.

Though Stun Guns are supposed to be non-lethal Self Defense Products people have been known to die from them. Not because of the stun gun itself but, because the person the personal stun gun is being used on has bad health. If the person has a bad heart or drug problems that could cause a health problem that the person doesn’t know about they can die from a shock of a Stun Gun.

What if one of these children had a health problem that was not yet detected? I am all for showing children what happens when they don’t follow the rules of society but, there are tons of ways of doing this without having to abuse them. Taking them to a prison and demonstrating for them what prison life is about and maybe even letting the convicts to talk to them in a supervised environment is a great tool. What these guards did was not teaching a lesson but, out right abuse.

Did the children who the Electric Stun Gun was used on learn a lesson from this? I have no doubt. They now know first hand what a shock feels like from a Personal Stun Gun and this probably would scare them into following the law but, the lesson they learned might not be what was intended though. It is very possible they now understand they can no longer trust their guardian to protect them from being harmed. Think like a kid for a second. Your parents are the living god of your life. Children expect their parents to be their savior and not feed them to the wolves. What these prison guards did was right the opposite.

When you are using non-lethal Weapons of Self Defense they still have to be respected as a weapon…not a toy! They are for self defense and self defense only. To use them as a joke on a person or in this case a demonstration on kids is not only wrong but, does not speak much for someones level of intelligence.

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