Steinberg Cubase Tutorial – Effects and Audio Vocoders

by Eric Bald

Vocoders could in reality be usable and dont necessarily have to sound like a robot. If you’re going to utilise this, you will require two in puts. 1 being a carrier wave, which’s the sound youre going to vocode through and the 2 a modular voice, which would in all probability be yours. This provides a synthesizer sound thats easily known and in all sense has been utilised since the 1960s in .

Vocoders have a different number of bands, and the reason being is because the modulator takes your voice, analyses the significant parts which are the fundamental frequencies. Then these’re changed into levels of amplitudes on a group of band pass filters. To make your voice much more audible it needs more bands. Eventually as these filter signals are carried onto the carrier wave the ultimate sound is emulated.

To reach the classical robot effect you need the modulator to be speech, but you can utilize anything you need as the carrier and the modulator to get other different sounds. For example, if you wanted you could run instruments or other different synthesiser through the modular input. Interesting results are what you’ll get. Normally the carrier would be a agreeably massive synthesiser sound, like a string sound or even a long saw wave pad. You can utilize anything that had a few good depth and length to it though.

Hardware and software synthesiser that’re computer at present possess vocoders as average features. Basically you just get your monies worth, when it comes to acquiring the sound of a dedicated analog vocoder. For illustration for around a thousand dollars you will be able to pick up a Roland VP-300 that is in truly good shape, but then the old Korg VC-10 could be had much less pricy and finer too. Then do not leave out the MicroKorg after all it does have a microphone and its conveniently small and cheap concurrently.

Dont rule out the talk boxes for obtaining those robot voice simulations, as they dont all come from the vocoder.Then theres that increasingly popular auto tune software or speech synthesis.

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