A Glimpse At An American Colonial Style Home

by Marge Walker

It’s interesting to note the story behind the , one of the most popular decorating themes. This design started when colonists from Europe migrated to America. When the Europeans settled in their new , they were forced to leave behind most of their possessions. It’s easy to imagine that they started their life in a new country with little belongings by making their own things for their new . This gave birth to the combination of homemade furnishings with a European design and the original belongings the settlers brought with them. And this became known as the style.

If you’re familiar with this design, one thing that you would immediately notice is the large, airy rooms. This big space is perfect for open floor plans where you can divide the room into different areas that will constitute sections in the room.

style makes use of neutral and light colors on the walls like white and beige. Accents are usually in shades of blue and green, often seen in fabrics and decorative items, such as vases and containers. The furniture pieces are not exactly grand but are sophisticated in that they were created with fine details. The artistry is visible in the carvings mostly in the table legs, chairs and sofas. Back then, quilts are essential items and were displayed with pride. Therefore, quilts are a common decoration in an American theme.

The floor material for American Colonial is hardwood or laminate flooring.

Since hardwood floors are customary for this style rugs are an essential part of this design. Use rugs that feature floral or geometric designs, also mats are a good option for the small areas such as the foyer or a powder room. Colonial homes generally had a generous dusting of rugs to protect the floors from the hard soles of their shoes and from animals. They were also a way to display wealth and power.

The American Colonial style is a classic theme that will make any home look more elegant and what the style has retained, timeless. Implementing an open floor plan for the more spacious rooms will also allow more conversations and interactions, especially when entertaining guests.

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