How To Go About Planning For The Design Of Your Home.

by Claudio Carbeni

One of the bigger but more exciting challenges for a homeowner is the of their house. Undertaking such a project can be both rewarding and fun for all involved, and it really should be an opportunity to get everyone in the house involved. This can often times mean that with a variety of different household members inputs, that you will invariably end up with a variety of different ideas. What usually works out best if you have each individual responsible for his or her own room. It doesn’t work out so well if you have a number of different ideas and influences coming to a head in the same room. So divide up the workload.

Have the kids do their own rooms. They probably won’t let anyone else near their domain anyway. The woman of the house will usually tackle the task of decorating the master bedroom, and will usually have the most to say about the common areas of the house, including , dining rooms, kitchens, etc. Often times, that leaves the man of the house with the opportunity to decorate the garage and the basement.

A husband is usually one of the lesser enthusiastic participants in projects of this nature, so he’ll probably be satisfied with these out of the way spots. Besides, no matter how tacky or just plain awful his taste is, for some reason, it seems completely acceptable to have that reflected in a garage or basement. So let the man of the house practice away in those isolated areas of the house where it’s easiest to just close the door and forget all about that particular room.

While a variety of design ideas might work well, inconsistent themes under the same roof usually don’t. For example, if you’re in love with the idea of having a colonial style , it’s probably best to try and keep that theme consistent throughout the instead of just having one or two rooms in the house reflect that particular theme. Strive for consistency, even with a number of different people with a number of different inputs. Everyone will have their own opinions, but having a general consensus as to the theme will go along way in creating harmony in the design process.

An exception to the rule just discussed, if any, would be if you had a multi-level home. Sometimes it actually ends up working out nicely and can be very interesting indeed to have different themes on different floors of the same house. Consistency in the first floor of your home should probably take priority since those most often include the common areas that the majority of your visitors are likely to see, including living rooms, dining rooms, kitchens, and the like. If you’re going to stray from the consistent theme you’ve got your heart set on, best to do it upstairs where you’re most likely to have the bedrooms.

So put some thought into the direction you and your family would like to take in creating an overall theme in your home and it’ll make for a much more rewarding experience that’s sure to result in a unique aesthetic appeal for not only you, but for all those that visit as well.

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