He Who Plans Wins

by Rolph Ludwig

Do you have a growing boy ready to move out of the shared bedroom with his younger brother and start anew in his own sanctuary?

You can’t wait to get started and you’re itching to buy those paints with the in colors of the season and start painting. You want to strip down the wall hangings and window treatments in the living room right now!

It seems like you’re very excited for your project. It can be thrilling to know that you’ll be giving your home a makeover. The question is, do you really know what you are about to do? Do you know your way around decorating your home?

These are some things that might be running in your head. Very exciting to get down and start the decorating project, isn’t it? However, let’s pause for awhile and plan things carefully so you will be sure that what you are about to do is the best for your home.

Many home redecorating projects turn out badly because there was no plan to succeed. The first step in a decorating project is to develop a . The temptation is to start putting paint on the walls and adjust as you go. Resist that temptation. Sit in the room to be reworked. Think about the furniture that is in there now. Are there some pieces that you must keep? What about that antique area rug? Is it to be kept? The rug is a genuine antique and should be kept in the family. Does the room need another window badly? Is the closet too small? Dwell on the room and its furnishings as they are and begin to see in your mind what changes you want to make.

Take notes. Write down a list of what to buy, what to change, what to keep, etc. Jot down your ideas. Take measurements for spaces that you plan to fill in with an area rug or another furniture. Be your own secretary and you bet, you’ll thank yourself later for an organized and effective job.

When you’ve already done a check of the rooms you plan to decorate, it’s time to decide on a theme. With this, you also have to choose a color, decorations and furnishings. Start researching for possible designs and items to buy. Scout for stores and canvass the prices.

The expenses is another vital factor in home decorating. Knowing the costs, having estimates and allotting a budget can make the project easier to manage. Before actually buying things, it’s better to scout the stores first and compare prices. You’ll get a better deal with an almost or exactly the same item bought for less in a store with an ongoing sale. Check out online deals and auctions. There are many second-hand furnishings that are still in good condition. If a chair for instance only needs a new upholstery but other than that looks good as new, you’ll be saving more than buying a brand new one at the department store.

As everything falls into place, you can now start looking for contractors, repair person, designer and the like. Ask friends for recommendations and do research as well for credible service professionals. The more prepared you are, the more you’ll know your stuff, the more you’ll be able to direct the people helping you out to achieve your desired results. Your home’s decorating project can be called successful.

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