The emotionless brothers

On the occasion of their wedding anniversary, Mr. and Mrs. Jones called me for supper to make merry. I can’t pinpoint how but this supper would be a special one to me. It was an ordinary would take with his neighbor. Home made dishes, extra- and a cheerful family, a family with three sons. Yes, three sons whose diversified made me go out of the box. As soon as I was seated myself on the , I just saw them and gave them a smile, but to my surprise, none of them reacted. This gave me a sensation as if I am sitting in front of three Robots, three Robots. Then Mr. Jones introduced me to his three sons, none other than , the three stiff robots. Just to respond, I asked Mr. Jones about his sons’ careers.Now the thing that I am still unable to understand is that, the very second he told me about their vocations, my head clogged up with a thought, totally motivated by those actions of three, that was completely weird. The first son was introduced as one of the Oakland Plumbers !Seeing him gave me an instant thought that his work was not to mend seeping taps but to collate and fix the tides of stupid thoughts flowing out of the head, similar to the molecules of H2O, I mean the molecules of water and send them back into the head so that they don’t flow like liquid. The other son, who was an Oakland Electricians seemed so blank and expressionless made me feel that he is the criminal who has damaged the wiring of minds of his with his various tools such as conduit benders, , wire strippers, drills, ohmmeters, voltmeters, oscilloscopes. An illustration formed in my head the way he must have opened brain, wired it and then plugged it back. Wow! Then comes the last but not least, his youngest son, one of those renowned Oakland Roofers who show of work through their work. But then I thought, how could this expressionless robot make those eye catchy on top of the roof. To me it appeared as if he could only fix the roof of brains and make them resilient to the emotions and all, like his. Maybe that is why, its this emotion that makes the machine being known as HUMANS.

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