A Good Balance of Traditional and Modern Arts and Crafts

by Rick Amorey

There are a lot of mediums like painting and sculpture, but art can be expressed in a lot more forms. There are newer forms of art like animation, which can be enjoyed and appreciated even by small kids. I believe that both mediums are ways to express one’s self, and our children can develop creativity with a healthy dose of both.

Let me first give a short nod towards the more practices. If you open the television, there will at least be two networks that are wholly dedicated to cartoons and anime. This is all well and good, but remember that not all of these are made with the child in mind. Certain programs would have mature tones, and others still have very bad artistry. Make sure you always check which your child tends to like.

With just a few clicks on the remote control, you can expose your children to a healthy dose of television viewing. But what of the traditional art forms? You can expose your children to other art mediums; maybe some crayons will be alright for younger ones, but teenagers may find them boring. and may be a good idea.

Look for a craft show near you, and then visit there with your kid. See what interests the child the most of all the items; and then convince him or her that with enough practice, he or she can do it as well. Then ask for some beginner tips from the craftsperson selling the item. More often than not, they are happy to oblige.

A word of warning; make sure that you monitor your child’s first few attempts at making crafts. As is always the case, their first attempt will not be as good as they’d want to; stay with them and urge them on. And if the craft in question involves potentially dangerous tools (like sharp knives for sculpting), always be around for the assist.

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