Easy Home Repair For the Basement

by Eric Slarkowski

If your floor or walls are leaking, ’re probably at your wit’s end, frustrated and thinking of moving or selling your . You need not worry. You can do this DIY project with just a little time and effort. All you’re going to need is some waterproof masonry sealer and your walls and floors will be like new again. The sealer is a solution that you mix with water to get a cement-like appearance. It’s important that the area to be sealed is clean and dry before you apply the seal.

For the walls, you’ll need to fill in any holes and cracks with the sealer. You can use a roller, a sponge, masonry sealer or concrete trowel to apply the sealer. Make sure you use mortar sand to seal any big areas that need . Again, it is vital that the area you are sealing be clean and dry before your apply the sealer and mortar seal. If you’re going to do your own home , it’s important that it’s done correctly. The container of sealer will usually have excellent directions on the package.

Another option for the protection of basement walls is masonry paint. It also blocks the outside from leaking water or moisture. You need to clean the walls thoroughly. For concrete, the best way to get the walls clean is with a wired brush and a drill and wired wheel attachment. When the walls are clean and dry, you have to apply a primer prior to painting them. The primer helps to condition the walls and make the paint go on smoother.

Many homeowners choose to use masonry paint and primers on their basement walls even if they don’t leak. They do it as a preventative measure and a appearance. Preventative maintenance will not only prevent problems in the futures but also help to preserve the quality and equity of your home.

Unfortunately, many people fail to take care of their home in small ways that matter, feeling they will need thousands of dollars. In many cases, the preventative maintenance is much cheaper than repairs down the road. Some homeowners take out a second on their home to give them cash for home repairs. Sometimes, this can’t be avoided because eventually all things need to be replaced like flooring. However, in many situations, good maintenance will prevent things from needing to be replaced as soon.

The mistake that many homeowners make is feeling that they can’t afford a certain maintenance on their home. For instance replacing a leaky bathtub may cost now. However, failure to replace it will result in the floor eventually rotting from the water, costing more for repairs than the bathtub would have cost. Take care of your home and it will take care of you.

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