Simple Ideas For Buying Electric And Gas Pool Heaters

Many people long for a luxurious heated in their backyard. It can be hard to decide which type of heater is right for you. There there main types of heater for you to choose from: electric, , or solar powered.

There are that need to be considered when determining which is best for your needs. Each option has both advantages and disadvantages. As the name implies, electric pool heaters use electricity to warm the water in your pool. Water is pumped from the pool and circulated through a and heating unit and then returned to the pool.

You will often get greater with an than with a gas one. The main disadvantage of electric pool heaters is that they lose their efficiency as the temperature drops. In order to get the best efficiency from an electric pool heater the temperature outdoors needs to be greater than 45 degrees. The colder it is the harder the electric pool heater will have to work to warm the water.

Other things you want to think about when buying an electric pool heater the climate in your area, the total size of your pool, and the time of year when you plan to use the heater. You will also need to consider your budget since electric pool heaters will often cost more that .

Gas pool heaters are still popular although they are not as energy efficient as either solar or electric models. The temperatures in your will in part determine how efficient a heater can be. Gas pool heaters will burn either or . The water is drawn through a filter and heating component as it is with an electric model.

The biggest advantage of a gas heater is that is heats the water quickly. The most cost effective pool heater to run is a solar powered model. They will not be practical, however, in all climates. for these pool heaters will usually be installed on your roof. Water from the pool is pulled through a filter and the collectors and then put back into the pool. Solar has the lowest energy consumption of all the pool heaters.

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