About Ride On Lawn Mowers

by Jim Cartlier

A on mower is often used for lawns and other areas of grass that are too difficult or large for a push mower to effectively get the job done. The blades span a 60 radius when turning, and cut at speeds of approximately 3600 rpms.

A riding mower has a powerful engine ranging from 10 to 25 horsepower. Understanding how to operate a lawn mower safely, whether it’s a riding mower or a push mower, it extremely important. You should be sure you know how to use a mower properly before you start cutting grass.

Users of a ride on mower operate the vehicle by sitting on top of it. The positions of the engine and blades may vary depending on the brand and model. Most come with four wheels, and the two back wheels are generally larger than the ones on the front. A mower that have the “zero degree” turning feature may also have extra wheels on the sides to enable these maneuvers. Sit on lawn may run on gasoline or diesel.

It’s important to educate yourself in lawn mower safety before ever starting the engine. First, inspect the lawn and get rid of any toys, rocks, or other large objects. If you run these over accidentally, you could damage property or injure yourself or others, since these items will be sent flying through the air in a random direction. Kids and pets should stay safely out of the area when the lawn mower is running.

Most sit on mowers are similar to cars, and can be started by turning a key in the ignition. Typically, the mower must typically be in neutral and the blades disengaged before starting the engine. After you get the mower started, you can adjust the height level and engage the blades according to how short you plan to cut the grass.

Once you’re ready to start mowing, hit the brake and put the model in drive, then slowly lift your foot from the break to start moving forward. How you proceed is up to you, but many people like to outline the perimeter and move inward; others prefer to mow in straight rows. It’s entirely your choice, but you’ll find that some methods are quicker than others.

Another important safety issue to remember is that you should never leave the mower running unattended. Even though you may be jumping of for just a moment to move an object out of the way, you must cut the engine. Many mowers have a safety feature that shuts off the machine if you lift your weight from the mower for even a second, but if yours doesn’t, make sure to turn off the engine before you climb off.

Extreme caution is needed when using a ride on mower to cut grass on a steep hill. Sit on mowers are much, much heaver than push mowers, and are thus prone to tipping over. To avoid this, mow slopes up and down instead of from side to side.

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