Alessi Mediterraneo Collection – From the Ordinary to the Divine

by Axel W.

One of the hallmarks of a fine design is how readily it can be adapted to a number of different household items. Alessi has demonstrated that countless times, and most particularly in the Mediterraneo . They run the gamut from salad bowls to tooth brush holders. Take a look…

A box with a hermetic lid could be just a bland container. Alessi’s Mediterraneo design raises this ordinary object to a piece of fine decor. The stainless steel lid both seals to perfection and provides a finishing touch of beauty. The tendrils along the glass jar provide a look that turns your into a European paradise.

This design motif is so flexible it works perfectly not just with containers but with utensils, as well. The Mediterraneo Salad Set is an excellent example. The tendrils are pierced into the salad mixing spoon. They form the tines in the fork. That functional incorporation of the design is so seamless you can’t imagine these items without it. The result? A perfect pair of kitchen tools that you’ll want to leave out of the drawer.

The Mediterraneo Napkin Holder takes up the challenge next. Mirror-polished stainless steel integrates form and function. The item also comes in a lovely red made of the best epoxy resins. With organic tendrils reaching skyward it does more than enclose your napkins. It provides an open and airy design that lets your napkins’ printed pattern add to the total look.

Even wall hooks can be transformed from the ordinary to the divine with a Mediterraneo theme. The stainless steel material ensures a sturdy holder that won’t stain your clothes. The organic theme brings nature into your home in abstract form. The combination is an item that might easily be ignored. Here, the effect is electrifying.

Let that same value in display permeate your , too. Explore the Mediterraneo Cup Holder and you’ll see how. Normally a cup holder will completely enclose the stack, hiding any lovely design they might have. This version is open, airy, and complements rather than overwhelms. The branches form sturdy sides while the tendrils top off the holder to provide a repeated look from kitchen to bath.

Then, of course, there is the Mediterraneo toothbrush holder mentioned at the outset. How many times have you endured a boring design in this little item? Break free and embrace an organic look that brings a smile to your face every time you use it.

Alessi designers are experts at creating utilitarian household items that double as fine decorative objects. Their incorporation into the collections of many a fine museum is proof of that. Let them show you how the Mediterraneo design has earned that honor. Select a range of items to add to your collection.

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