Guest Room Ideas

by Darcy

If you have a large house with an extra bedroom, it gives you the perfect opportunity to provide your guests with the added comfort and luxury of enjoying their stay in a private space. Guest rooms must be designed with the purpose of providing a relaxing atmosphere to them amidst spacious surroundings. The decor of the must be inviting and appealing to the guests, which can make them feel nice and cozy in the home environment. Before deciding to decorate guest rooms, you have to think about things, which you may need to put in the bedroom for providing them with comfort.

You need to decorate the room in the colors that you are most attracted to. Use subtle cool colors that range in tone. You want to provide a simple look with a hint of elegance. Use bedspreads and throw pillows with color to add a unique look to your room. Make sure your guests relax at night by providing soft cushions on the bed.

Don’t forget to put in a night stand; this will give your guests a space to keep their things when sleeping at night. A small dresser may even be a good idea. Put in a few baskets so they can place items in to keep until they need to use them. Or a chair can make a nice addition to the room, and make it seem homier.

With a dresser you don’t need to go with something that is huge, but a medium size dresser so that they will have a place to put their clothes up. Don’t forget some of the basic items, like a radio that has a clock so they can get up on time if needed. Sometimes if you can afford it a television so they can watch a bit before going to sleep at night. Try and add in a few other items that will help them out if needed, like tissues, or a hair dryer.

Add in a nice area rug that can add a hint of color to the room, and if it’s a nice plush rug you will also provide some comfort for your guest when they go to walk on the floor. If you have a small storage place where they can put up more of their clothes it will add to the feeling of being at home and being comfortable. If you have enough money, and it’s not available already you should think of putting in a small bathroom that is easily accessed by your guests.

Just a small bathroom they can easily get to will add so much more comfort to those visitors. Of course you don’t need to do this, and it can always be added at a later time when you do have the money.

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