Starting a Vegetable for Beginners

by Jackie Lee

Starting a is a wonderful experience. In this day and age where who knows what goes into your food, a gives you some control over what you are eating. It also provides great exercise. Whether you live in the country or even in the middle of a busy city you can start a . You just have to know the basics.

Vegetable gardens are typically easier to maintain than flower gardens because vegetables are more resilient, especially in different types of weathers. Flowers are typically more delicate to changes in the weather, and don’t adapt as easily. Planting vegetable gardens usually demand a lot of space, although some vegetables can also survive in plant boxes. It really depends on what kind of vegetables you will plant, and what you expect out of your vegetable garden.

Planting Styles The more traditional way of planting vegetables is laying them out in straight, organized lines. Some people prefer to plant alternating rows of different types of vegetables so that when one type of vegetable is about to be harvested, the rows in between them have vegetables that are not yet in season. The soil structure quickly becomes ruined because gardeners have to walk between rows, though.

A popular way of planting vegetable these days is planting them in beds rather than the traditional rows. The beds have to be small enough in size so that you can reach into it and pull out the weeds that will grow among your plants. Beds can also be raised a bit higher off the ground so that the heat will be kept inside longer during cold weather. It also makes for a good drainage system around the beds.

You can also incorporate flowers into your vegetable garden. A bit of the best of both worlds. There are many varieties of flowers that can actually be eaten and make a nice addition to a salad harvested from your garden. There are also flowers that will specifically help keep the bugs away. These are the perfect natural insecticide.

Even if you don’t have room for raised beds, or traditional gardening never fear. Even those the most crunched for space can grow a vegetable garden. Most types of vegetables now have at least one dwarf version that can be grown in a pot in front of a window or on a patio. There are even upside down planters you can grow many things in as well. All they require is a good sturdy hook, sun and water.

It doesn’t really matter how much space you have available. If you’ve got the vegetable garden bug you can make it happen. If you have minimal space you may have to choose one or two veggies to grow, so make sure they’re your favorites. If you have lots of room, you can grow more, but remember as a beginner to keep the garden small. It may end up being more work than you realized when you were dreaming your garden into existence.

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