Ideas for Decorating a Studio Apartment

by Blane Kilroy

a may seem like it would be very easily done, but it actually is one of the hardest things to decorate. The reason being that the is a smaller area and if you over decorate you will make it seem even smaller. So when you go to decorate a there are some tips that you can do in order to make it seem a bit bigger.

There will be challenges when it comes to making up the dcor in your , but with a little bit of creativeness you will have a beautiful look. Space management is the most important thing when it comes to decorating your studio. A room divider is a great choice, plus it will provide you some privacy too. Set this divider up between where you will sit with friends and your bedroom. It will really make it seem like you’re going into your own room.

You can easily reduce some clutter by putting up shelves or adding in a little bit of storage space. A great way to do this is by getting a storage tote and using it for items, but also using it for a coffee table. Think of little things like that you can do to avoid putting too much junk around the apartment.

Not putting in too many pieces of furniture is also a way that you can make a room look bigger. If you have less furniture the room will look big and your studio apartment will feel open and less cramped. Plus if you choose a good color to decorate it that will actually have the room feeling bigger too.

Using lighter colors will help the room look bigger than it is. Adding in a nice area rug will not only provide some color and warmth to the room, but can also be used as another place where people can sit when they come to visit. Get a rug that will go with the look of the apartment too, but add some splash of color to the room with it too. Plus an area rug will normally tie the full look together nicely.

Using a light colored blind or curtain over the windows will also add to the room nicely. Choosing the right color will give the room a more cheerful feeling.

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