Miter Saws – What You Need To Know

by Brino Z. Qui

The Saw is a really useful tool in many workshops. They can make the cuts that their name implies, and bevel cuts, compound cuts, and crosscuts as well. If you have a lot of cutting to do, the speed at which they make these cuts is a godsend. If you are looking into getting one for yourself, here are some things to consider.

First and foremost, you need to figure out which types of cuts you will be making. If you are satisfied with simply cutting straight down in plain miter or crosscuts, then you will be happy with a simple, lightweight Miter Saw.

If you want bevel or compound cuts, however, you will want to get the more advanced Compound Miter . These tilt the blade in a way that makes these cuts possible. If you want the blade to tilt in either direction (so you won’t have to turn the material your cutting so often), then a Dual-Lever model will be right for you.

Next consider the size of the material you plan to cut. Most people are pretty safe with buying a ten-inch model. If you plan to be cutting larger materials, than a twelve-inch blade would be easier to work with, however. Some people prefer to have smaller blades on hand in order to make more precise cuts into small pieces, but that will not likely be the purchase you will want to make if you buy only one blade.

Finally, think about how long you intend to use the saw at any given time. There are cordless models, but if you are working a full workday, even larger batteries probably won’t last without a recharge. If you need a cordless unit and plan to use it for extended periods of time, you may want extra batteries. The portability of the cordless model can definitely be useful, if you can afford it and aren’t too worried about the battery’s life.

Those are the most important considerations to mull over while choosing a Miter Saw, but there are also features and gadgets you might want to consider as well. First, look at the saw and its guides and indexes. Will they be easy to read when you are operating it? Also consider the Compound models with sliding heads. If the material you will be cutting is very wide, this feature will be very helpful.

If you plan to change the blades often you may want a saw that has an easy system for removing and installing of blades. A dust port works with a bag or vacuum to pick up the sawdust as you work, and a laser guide will really help make sure that you know exactly where the blade is heading. Finally, an electric brake will stop the blade almost immediately after you release the trigger, which is a great safety option.

If you were wondering , I hope this article at least gave you some ideas. Remember, if you think about exactly why you’ll be purchasing a Miter Saw in the first place, then you will be much more informed when you arrive at the hardware store.

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