Why You Should Be Thinking About Using Herbs In Your Craft Projects!…

by Anna Meenaghan

Now there are so many to choose from, we have a thing about canvas , or you only have to to glimpse at a a small number of abstract to realise this. On the other hand, also, are ever increasingly sold inside our supermarkets, garden centres etc.

I for myself love the unique aromas that newly picked, scented flowers along with herbs provide. It is too quite possible that if you have a garden, you may already have some of the items that I am going to be writing about.

Consequently, you will shortly be aware that these can be used for all sorts of things, including health issues! To start with let’s run through a few ideas! As an example, my grandmother made small bags which contained herbs designed for putting into her wardrobe, in point of fact on her wardrobe door. The object being, she thought that this would discourage the moths.

So, how did she make these up? Once she had made a little bag, she would fill it with lavender, sage, thyme, mint, caraway seeds and one or two cloves. Then she would use a piece of thin ribbon, tape or twine, to consequently wrap it encircling the neck of the bag once, then go round once more and knot it. Then, with the two strings, she would make up a loop to suspend it by.

This in reality is the same notion as using lavender bags among your sheets and pillowcases in your storage cupboards, or in drawers, to keep them sweet-smelling.

Herbs are often used on the verge of a cold, when it is beneficial if you have a bag under your pillow. Ideal for this scenario would be a bag filled with camomile, mint, dry lemon peel and some eucalyptus leaves. Obviously you can change the bags with assorted contents. As for my preference, I somewhat like a mix of lavender, rosemary and a little of the dry lemon peel.

Then again, if you would prefer a more highly spiced aroma, you would want to take in some cinnamon, caraway as well as coriander to your bag. A rather nice idea possibly, is to lay herbs actually in the bounds of your pillows or scatter cushions, so that you can appreciate their fragrances when you are tired. They could give you a lift, or, on the other hand they might send you to sleep!

Which herbs and flowers are good for drying? My answer to this would have to be mint, oregano, eucalyptus, thyme, lavender, bay leaves and rosemary. I would include some leaves too to add a bit more bulk, or at times maybe scented geraniums.

What in relation to drying the herbs, what is the best manner to go around it? In reality, you call for a rack of some kind to do this. An oven rack would do the job quite nicely. You could, I suppose, put a bit of sacking over the frame. Now just space the flowers, leaves, stalks etc. all over the frame. Alternatively I have seen people bind herbs in bunches like lavender and suspend them wrong way up. I have seen my grandmother perform this many a time!

When you have completed this, you need to have them anywhere where the air can reach them. Not just that, you need to be able to turn them over every couple of days. When they are, in point of fact, dry, you can store them in a basket until you intend to make use of them.

If and when you make bags for the herbs, sew the bag so that you leave one edge open to stuff it. Put in your herbs, then you can sew this side up, or what you can do, is to gather it up in your hand and affix a pretty coloured ribbon to it with a bow.

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