Braided Money Trees Give More Than Money

by Thomas Fryd

Pachira Aquatica, also known as the Tree is a unique and stylish plant that can add an exotic taste to anyone’s home. This plant features multiple trunks which wind around each other and can reach up to seven feet in height. There is also a version which can grow as large as a foot in height.

On top of these winding trunks sits a plentiful patch of green foliage, creating a great contrast of brown trunks against green peak. It’s one of the more natural looking you can add to your garden, and will do well to offset the often bright, contrasting colors of a variety of flowers. The bonsai version is a great choice for an indoors garden.

Caring for bonsais takes some time and planning. If you’re planning on growing one from scratch you’ll really need to study up on the matter and make sure you know what you’re getting into, as it can be an exacting process. Acquiring an already developed plant would be your best bet, and the one most people will choice.

Even more than most plants, watering is very important. Not just the watering but also the soil and pot as well, as these will facilitate how well the bonsai can drain the water. The pot should contain at least a couple holes for drainage, and these should be covered slightly so as to let water drain through without the soil seeping out. Small rocks should do fine for this purpose. The soil itself should be a loamy mixture of small pebbles and soil.

These bonsais don’t need much water, once a week should do the trick, but this depends on the soil and pot. The soil should dry out between watering, and recognizing the proper amount of moisture in the soil will go a long way to maintaining a healthy bonsai. Too much moisture and the leaves will wilt and yellow, too much and they’ll become wrinkled and curled. In addition, you should also mist the leaves lightly with a spray bottle to them some moisture and remove any dust particles.

Placing the bonsai in an area with a good deal of sunshine is perfect, but this should be indirect sunlight. More than a couple of hours of direct sun, or being in an area that is too hot in general is poor for the plant’s health like in ficus care. An area with a small bit of sun followed by shade is ideal, and this is most commonly found in the corners of rooms. You can freely move the plant around as needed though if a good permanent spot is proving difficult. The plant should also be kept away from areas that are too cool. If the bonsai is kept on a porch or deck, be sure to bring it in on nights where the temperature is expected to dip below 50 degrees.

Compared to some plants, Braided Money have a fairly simple and easy maintenance routine. By following these few simple guidelines you’ll be sure to have a unique and striking plant for many years to come.

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