Patent Lets Vehicle Run On Water

by Hybrid Lover

Humans can find an abundance of resources on earth. that sits idly in the oceans is the most abundant of these resources. Closer than we think, a way to use this to make a cleaner and cheaper fuel has always been a dream.

The water-fuelled car has been a standard in science fiction novels and movies. The most fictional item they could create, many writers use water-fuelled cars as props. This belief stems from the implausibility of such a tool.

Authors like H. G. Wells, Isaac Asimov, and Piers Anthony have used these vehicles in their stories to generate a feeling of the futuristic and fantastic. Due to the laws of thermodynamics, the concept of the water-fuelled car seemed so preposterous. Little did they know that a water-fuelled car was on the horizon.

Our wildlife and lands would be from drilling with the use of water as a fuel. This type of fuel would be much cleaner and safer for the environment of the world. With the abundance of this resource, one would think that water would never out.

The atmosphere has long been deteriorating due to the chemicals that are put out by the burning of petrol. This is killing our world and creating a global warming effect. This will cause our world to see another ice age or worse.

Using the water to create fuel will not generate such harmful chemicals. The drilling and polluting that comes with the fuels we are using now will stop. Thus, the planet will become healthy again.

Water-fuelled engines will make travel easier. Once it has been implemented into cars, it can be then regulated to airplanes, trains and boats. Having a boat that runs on water would be the best to own.

The science fiction authors have given inventors ideas for centuries. The telephone, the airplane, and the elevator were all created by an enthusiastic writer long before they were created physically. Gene Roddenberry, the creator of “Star Trek” has also created inventions that have become reality since the beginning of his show in the 1960’s.

The inventions taken from science fiction writers have taken years to complete. It took centuries before Leonardo Di Vinci’s idea of a helicopter became a reality. Well before it was ever a possibility, space travel was dreamed up by Copernicus.

As with most electronic devices, the Japanese have been the first to invent many of the electronic devices thought up by science fiction authors. The cell phone was created by Gene Roddenberry and advanced by Japanese companies. This is only once example of electronic science fiction becoming reality, the water-fuelled car is another.

Incredibly hard, the making of the water-fuelled car has been done. In Japan, a company is working on getting a for their concept. After getting the secured, it should not be long before everyone is driving a futuristic water-fuelled car.

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