Scrapbooking Embellishments Ideas

by Mbouda Koupitt

Do you want to learn to create lasting and memorable keepsakes that show your unique and personal artistic skill? is a fantastic that allows your creative side to go wild. You can do so much more than just placing photographs in an album. Not only do you have your one-of-a-kind photos to work with, but also you can assemble your scrapbooks with virtually an unlimited array of to jazz them up. Adding to your scrapbooks will most certainly add interest, dimension and color, making your album distinctively yours.

Tags are a little added touch of professionalism that adds to the overall well thought out look to your scrapbook. Tags can be used for accents, captions, and thought bubbles as well as dedications. The design of your tags will depend entirely on your personal needs and desires.

A common scrapbook embellishment that can damage your scrapbook if not treated with respect is Glitter. When using glitter, be sure there is a heavy top layer of spray sealant/adhesive to lock them down, or better yet, you can use special glitter glue where the glitter is mixed right in with the clear adhesive.

Small flowers and leaves can be pressed to make embelleshments and larger flowers like sunflowers peddles, or leaves can be dried and pressed to create a unique natural background for your scrapbook pages. Other plants like herbs can also be used to add accent when they are dried. There are many other ways that your preserved plants can be used, like dried flower arrangements, or framed and hung on a wall as a natural wall decor, the are endless your imagination is the limit.

While you are trying to add the perfect touch to those pages, remember to use embellishments sensibly. Do not lose sight of the fact that the photographs are the main focus of the page. Embellishments should only be used as an accent to compliment your photos. You do not want the embellishments to take center stage or make your layout look too crowded.

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