Part One of the Craft Show Year-End Review

by Rick Amorey

I thought it would be nice to write about the year I went through so many ; I thought it would be nice to dedicate an entry to them. How was it for craftspeople? What areas needed improvement?

But first, let’s have a short history lesson: This is our thirteenth year of selling stuff at local craft ; how time flies by! This year, we were able to sell items at five different craft shows: Of these, a church organized one, two were local schools, and two were the brainchildren of charitable institutions. Four of these were held in November, and the last one was held at the last month of the year. We were considering another in December, but ultimately decided against it.

The fair that was held at the church was very slow. Perhaps it was because we’ve never set up a booth at this location before. We’ve been to the previous fairs as shoppers in years past, though. So it could probably also be bad timing on our . Attendance has dramatically decreased from the years that we’ve been attending.

As it happens, it wasn’t just me; fellow craftspeople have been going to the show for some years were saying this as well. Most of the purchasers were people who were from the congregation, and there’s a theory that the show was held a bit too early in November 1. People may also have been saving up, as this is the time when the recession had started to become quite apparent.

I think these two factors combined made the craft show a lot less appealing to the everyday man. People were probably not in the mood to buy holiday gifts, and if anyone was thinking that far ahead, they were careful not to spend too much due to the recession. Profits were a bit lower; but that’s how business is. We will probably avoid the show next year, if things continue on the way it is.

Huh. I’ve written quite a bit, as it seems. Excuse me for rambling on so much about it; I’ll try to summarize my thoughts better the next time. Until I get to the other four fairs, I’ll be seeing you!

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