Have a More Luxurious Lawn and Garden by Summer

by Riche Goldmann

Does your yard crunch under your feet in the ? Is it covered in pesky weeds like dandelions and onions – or even worse, the prickly grass? Do you ever look longingly at the lush green grass in your neighbors yard and wonder how they maintain their lawns? Do you wish that you could feel that luscious grass under your bare feet? It is not impossible! You too can create your own green .

Getting your lawn and in tip top condition will give you a feeling for pride and joy in your home, but did you know that it will also increase the market value of your home by 10 to 20%? Now that’s a great reason to ! The following are a few easy steps to getting started. Getting your lawn from dirt to plush grass is an ongoing process, but is well worth the time and effort.

One essential thing to do before getting started is to get all the products and tools that you are going to need to do your garden overhaul. You can pick out any items that you may need conveniently at TractorSupply.com. You can also visit their site to find a plethora of seeds, fertilizers, and products to assist in the gardening process. For this project, you will definitely need an aerator, spreader, and weed puller as well as grass seeds and fertilizer specialized for growing in your area. Online shopping is the best place to compare the types and costs of a multitude of products, including a quality mower.

The following are a few things to remember when getting your garden ready for the season:

To maintain a healthier and stronger garden, set your mower to the highest setting and keep it there. The taller the grass, the healthier it is and it will keep weeds from growing by blocking out the sunlight. It also makes for roots that grow deeper and stronger and soil that is cooler which means your grass will be drought resistant. A mulching mower is also helpful to keeping your grass growing strong. Although keeping a low cut lawn may seem appealing initially, you actually end up creating more work for yourself and for your grass.

An important item to remember when watering your lawn is to make sure that you water DEEP and INFREQUENTLY. Get a good quality sprinkler system that can reach or entire lawn without creating too much spill over. Otherwise, water just one section at a time. Your lawn does not require that you water it every day either. Instead, try watering your yard for a long period of time and then not again for several days. This will help your lawn’s resistance to drought and will creating deeper growing roots.

If you are going to use fertilizers, make sure that you fertilize during the fall season. If you fertilize too often, you end up promoting rapid growth. This may sound like a great thing, but it actually makes the grass more likely to be attacked by disease and insects. Along with that, do not use lots of pesticides on your lawn. These will likely kill good things that keep the soil aerated. When growing a healthy lawn, you ultimately will not need any pesticides.

Why is the fall the perfect time to fertilize? During the fall, grass lies dormant and really doesn’t grow which means that it won’t draw from the fertilizer. However, the roots will and will benefit from it. This works to make your lawn well established where it counts the most.

Tractor Supply will get you started in the right direction toward a more beautiful lawn and garden. So do not let another summer pass you by with hard crunchy grass. Get in that yard and make it beautiful!

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