Attracting People Back to Craft Shows

by Rick Amorey

A large and paramount factor in figuring out the success of a craft show would be the crowds that will attend and shop there. No matter how good someone’s booth is or how well-organized the whole event becomes, it will all be for naught if the people in the area are just not that interested in it. But there will be instances when a person will simply experience something bad with a craft show, which would then result in them not wanting to go back anyomore.

But what could possibly turn off these customers? The first reason that happens most often that contributes to why people get turned off by craft shows is when they unwittingly went to a series of subpar ones. Imagine what it probably feels like in their shoes; you were so eager to see unique masterpieces, only to be met with dozens of identical, factory-made trinkets. Even if the first mold was the best thing to have come along since the Mona Lisa, the duplicates simply will not inspire as much awe from the people.

Alternatively, they may have ventured into a non-juried show with no real talent. Almost anyone can get a booth in a non-juried craft show, after all. Luckily, this occurrence isn’t going to be very common; if your crafts suck, then you won’t be earning a lot of money.

Now, many craftspeople will be loathe to admit it, but one of the main reasons why people stop going is because many booth owners are less than friendly. The most common culprit here is the disagreement that happens when someone gets the nerve to try and haggle for the price of the craftsperson’s masterpiece. So guys, we all know that having our hard work haggled is insulting, but understand that many people just don’t know better. Be firm but friendly in your decisions to stick to the price.

Finally, there are those that get turned off when craft shows get too crowded. Avoid craft shows with alleys that are too small; this will undoubtedly contribute to that claustrophobic feeling. But if you’re already attending a show that is not as spacious as you want, then try your best to keep your booth as space-conservative as you can.

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