Moroccan-Inspired Home

by Dimitrius Krapopolus

What I like most about is the . Entering a room with this theme reminds me of the sunset, the coastal seas or the lush mountain ranges depending on what color dominates the scene. The mixture of reds, oranges, greens, blues, gold and silver are amazing to look at. Any room can look elegant and warm at the same time. Moroccan theme stays true to the nature of the region. With influences from Spanish, Mediterranean, Persian, French and Portuguese , Moroccan is an encompassing theme with everything beautiful and grand.

The colors can be anything from red and orange to blue, green and brown. Outdoor influences are strong in a . So the hues of sunset, sunlight, the seas, landscape and others are evident in the this theme. The furnishings look old-fashioned with wood and wrought iron as primary materials. Designs carved in furniture also make the pieces more elegant. Mosaic and terracotta materials are used for carving.

The designs are also displayed through fabrics, cushions and coverings of pillows, in curtains and drapes, and . The designs are indicative of artistry showing masterpieces in vibrant colors. Any room will instantly be enhanced with a .

If you want a particular area rug to be a focal point, use a . Yes, it’s expensive but the quality is worth the price. Persian rugs have a long and significant history. This kind has been popular for its beauty, quality and timeless appeal. Any house and any room will transform into a sophisticated living space no matter how small or big the space is. Displaying an area rug with the color elements of Moroccan is perfect.

Lighting is an important aspect of any decor and the Moroccan style is inspired by lamps made using colored glass including carved wood and brass metal. You can use floor lamps or even table lamps to accentuate your living room decor and set the right mood amidst serene surroundings. You can use accessories to create a focal point around your room like mirrors and artwork, which are made using exquisite embellishments in metals. Those who are fond of art and craft work will enjoy decorating their homes using this unique style.

You’ll never go wrong with a Moroccan theme, especially if you’re into carvings, minute details, rich colors and supple texture. Interest in the Moroccan culture will also allow you to know the right accessories to make the space look authentically Moroccan. All I can say is that this design is simply stunning!

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