Rat Troubles? Control Them The Green Way

by Paul Regis

Are rats infesting your personal space? Home or at the office, these pests can be troublesome. I know, I know, I’m not into killing either. Wouldn’t hurt a fly. Besides that, is not something I want around the house, (or sprayed all over the house for that matter). Lucky for us ‘greenies’ there are earth friendly solutions to rat control issues. Safe, effective, and better for your health, and our planet!

Many people still use the old fashioned traps, and others use bait or poison. The problem with the traps is that they can harm other small animals, as well. The main concern with the poison is twofold: it’s cruel to the rats because they die a slow and painful death and it’s cruel to the rats’ predators because they eat the rats and die from the poison.

If you’re not into harming rats and you’re not into harming the environment, you can use some great solutions for , like all-natural repellents. These repellents aren’t toxic to people, but they don’t smell good to rats. They’ll keep the pesky little creatures out of your home or business without using any harsh chemicals that could make you, your family members, or your employees sick.

There are other options as well. Exterminators and humane traps to name a couple. But who wants a dead animal around? You never know when the thing is going to die, or where. If you call an exterminator you’re taking a risk of having a dead rodent laying around somewhere. And traps don’t necessarily mean the rat won’t find it’s way back to your house once you’ve trapped and released it.

If you don’t want to attract more rats, keep food put away. Keep your garbage cans closed and bird seed in sealed containers. Compost piles can also attract rats, so watch out!

Helping the environment is the responsible thing to do. If we all do our part to help the planet, it will be a better place for our children to live. Being Eco-Friendly doesn’t mean you have to put up with pests though. Keep the rats away with an all natural repellent. It’s really the best way.

Controlling rats the human way means that you have to deter them from making nests in your home or place of business. If they don’t find food or shelter, or they are repelled, they will look other places to nest. Keep your home rat free the all natural way. With rat repellent.

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