Going off the Grid with Solar Energy

by Christina Starkits

Everyday people are tossing money in the garbage without even realising it. Nobody really thinks about electricity, we just pay for it and think thats the price of living nowadays. Why not change this mentality? “”, we hear about it all the time but is it easier said than done? Absolutely Not. With a little knowledge and awareness we can save money and preserve our planet. Instead of generating power from outside sources, keep your money in the bank and create your own system within your very own home.

star certified appliances are a great way to start “going green”, just by replacing your old appliances with more efficient ones you can easily see a drop in your electrical bills. Simple upgrades around your home can amount to great savings in your bank account. Since saving money is such a priority nowadays with the cost of living being so high, there are a great number of kits available on the market to make the load on your wallet a lot lighter.

However, learning how to is only part of the process. Generating your own power is the next part of the process. cells are becoming more and more efficient, and less expensive. What used to be a ten thousand dollar investment can now be had for a few hundred dollars, and you may even qualify for a tax credit for doing it.

The basics of generation rely on the photo-electric effect, which is (interestingly enough) what Albert Einstein got his Nobel Prize for. This is also called the photo-voltaic process, and your will be linking up arrays of solar cells to generate current. You’ll also want an energy storage system, which is usually going to be a set of marine batteries tied to an inverter.

Solar panels are not only known to use sunlight and convert it into usable energy, but can also store extra energy for use at later time as it is needed. There are plenty of new systems out there that are not only used as a single system to convert energy but also duel systems to serve multiple purposes that can all save a lot of money. A lot of this information is new to the average individual but with a little research people are becoming more open to the ideas and realizing it can be done for a relatively inexpensive price.

These solar power systems are considered to be an investment but consider this, how quickly will this investment pay for itself? The answer is suprisingly under a year! These systems are so effective at saving cash you will wonder why you didnt make this investment years ago.

Obviously in this article we are just hitting the basic points of solar energy. The benefits are countless and this is just a quick overview of how easily you can be profiting from creating your own resource for energy rather than the electrical companys profits from you! Furthermore, you are getting mental satisfaction of knowing your doing something great for our planet and your children will thank you for it!

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