Blu Ray Versus DVD

Generally, there is a lot of difference between regular and high-def Blue Ray DVD movies and disks. Though the and disks are the same in size and shape, they are very different in performance. There are five main areas where the two differ, disc construction, image resolution, laser technology, player compatibility, and storage capacity.

The Disk Construction

There are grooves on both the DVD and Blu Ray disks, from which the lasers can read the information on the disk. The Blu Ray laser is almost three times smaller than the DVD laser, which allows the to accommodate five times as many grooves, therefore causing the quality of the disk to be much better.

Picture Resolution

The resolution of the Blu Ray disk is a full 1080, which is the standard for high definition video, the DVD disk which has a standard 480 resolution.

Technology with the Laser

The DVD disk uses a red laser that is 3 times bigger than the blue use ones by the Blu Ray disk technology, this allows for a much more precise and closer reading of the data and video with the Blu Ray disk.

Player Compatibility

There is an inherent difference between DVD and Blue Ray players. While the Blu Ray player can read and play DVD movies, the cannot play Blu Ray disks. And, for the ultimate high definition experience one needs to have a Blu Ray player and Blue Ray movies.

Saving Data

The best difference between the DVD and Blu Ray disks is that while the common DVD disk can only hold 4.7 GB of data, the Blu Ray disks can hold almost 25 GB, much more than your standard DVD disks.

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