Fuel And Pellet Manufacture

With the increasing price rises of fossil fuels such as oil and gas are causing great concern for many people. At a time of economic recession the pressure of meeting and energy bills is becoming more and more difficult to manage. Along with these issues, concerns over the effects of the excessive use of fossil fuels, and their effect on the environment are growing. Oil and gas are trapped forms of carbon from under the ground. When we use fossil fuels we then release this carbon into the atmosphere. However this carbon is not part of the current carbon cycle as it has been kept deep underground, it was part of a previous carbon cycle. Plants and trees are part of the current carbon cycle, as the plants grow they absorb carbon dioxide and when they die and decay or are burnt this carbon in then released back into the atmosphere. Then new plants and tree’s use this carbon, and the cycle continues and the level of carbon should remain constant. By burning fossil fuels we are placing additional carbon into the atmosphere, which leads to the greenhouse effect and traps the suns heat, leading to climate change. Therefore alternative and renewable energy sources are being considered. And to use these energy sources efficiently, upgrading them into .

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production refers to the compression of various raw materials into uniform pellets. Pellets can be made into various different shapes and sizes, and from a wide range of raw materials. By producing pellets from a raw material, it is possible to increase the density of the raw material, even up to factors of ten or more. This means a uniform, high density; high value product has been created. Which is cheaper to transport and is easier to design systems for their use, for example stoves and boilers and their hopper and auger feed mechanisms.

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Producing pellets is a skilled process, and requires the right equipment, the right knowledge and the right raw material. Unless all these factors are in place, high quality consistent pellets cannot be produced. For example there are various pellet mills and pellet presses available in various different sizes and productivities. However, a key mistake that is made is to purchase a that has productivity beyond the capabilities of the other process equipment. If your setup cannot prepare quality consistent raw material at the correct moisture content, then the capabilities of the are wasted. So understanding the true abilities and productivities of the equipment is crucial to produce a balanced setup. A balanced setup is a more efficient way to spend resources and will also be more energy efficient.

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