Jim got lucky at Boston

This is the true story of a very successful Boston Plumbing giant who now owns a very big Plumbing company in the whole of Massachusetts, and parts of California, New York, Texas and Philadelphia. Having begun as a small-time assisting the great since the early age of 18, the ride of professional expansion and successfulness for him has been marvelous. As has been narrated to the world in his own words, his story is a one laced with absolute toil and hardships. His childhood and his circumstances in the early phases of life have immensely contributed to what he is today. The foundation of all this was laid when he was a young simple yet firm child of about ten. He desired to own a robot toy that he found one day at a store. But for his parents, $8 was just too much to ‘waste’ on a lifeless toy. His mom as being an wasteful and unnecessary demand dismissed his wish. He found a piece of PVC duct lying outside a manhole, which seemed to be useless, whilst coming from the vegetable market that very day. It lay unclaimed being laden with muck and dirt. He promptly sped to that plumbing part and had a long, speculative look at it, imagining what could he do with this useless part. His mom Witnessing him lift up a soiled object, started shouting at him, and replied- “! Ho, drop it on the plumber’s head and assist me with the veggies!!” He hung on to his mother’s words with utter keenness and rushed to a popular Boston Plumber store behind his street. The kind plumber not only purchased the plumbing pipe part for about $5 but also offered to teach him plumbing. The kid became a regular supporter of this plumber and in less, pickedup the business with complete technique. He then started apprenticing with the licensed plumbers, and began appearing for Boston Plumbers License Module exams alongside. As he touched 22, he was a general name in plumbing, as he was adept in his jobwork. After some time, when he was 30 years old he started his personal little plumbing store which was devoted to the plumbers who gave him the opportunity to acquire plumbing knowledge. In short span of time he reached to greater heights. As they tell rest all is history!!

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