Micro Air Regulator For Spay Gun Or Any Air Tool A Paint Sprayers Review

A is control valvethat is screwed with a bolt connection and tightened up with a wrench to a spray or any air tool and next the air hose connection coupling plugs in.

Micro air regulators are handy diminutive devices that show you how much air pressure (P.S.I. or bar) is coming into the air , not what the compressor says it delivering, because of pressure plummeton the hoses, the longer the hose the greater the pressure drop , it somewhere in the region of 15% give or take some, as some peoples hoses leak at the couplings or through extensive use this drop which most people don’t take into account for the can give an exactreading on how much air is being supplied to the air , using a compressor that is too small for the job in hand the micro air regulator has alternative uses because I turn the compressor up as for as possible set the regulator to what i am going to be using the air at let the compressor store up some air use it for some time then let the compressor build back up and repeat the process, using my smaller back up compressor has only happened in one occasion for me but I was glad that air regulator was there.

Micro air regulators are mostly used on spray gun because spray guns are constantly getting their pressure changed, the most common reasons for shifting the air pressure is when the is quite thick or when the is really thin, all painters also have slender variations in the pressure depending on how fast or slow their painting speed is.

The micro air regulator is situated at the bottom of the gun where the air feed comes in and is really handy for a quick change in pressure, I know from previous experience I have had to walk to the wall where the regulators are situated and change my pressure give the gun a little test on a segment of scrap metal then walk back to the car and find where I left off from and continue painting sometimes I think that’s better but still not quite enough yet and its off back to regulator to repeat the process this is time I have wasted that I could have been painting it also put you off your focus and rhythm.

A lot of people don’t have the luxury of a second regulator for spraying so all they have is the compressor regulator and depending on how far away the compressor is it can become a game of tennis between the object being sprayed and the compressor, this also is depending on paint sprayer’s experience, as a an experienced paint sprayer I can get my setting probably with a max of a couple of adjustments in the air pressure department but when I was learning I was back and forth to the regulator countless times, it’s only in recent years that I myself have started using a micro air regulator and thinking back this would have saved so much time and effort as an apprentice spray painter.

I generally had dismissed the need for buying a micro air regulator but after having used one for a couple of weeks I went out and bought my own micro air regulator it’s just makes paint spraying that little bit simpler .

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