Biodiesel: Make Your Own And Save Thousands Each Year

by Bella Holly

Why continue to hand over your hard earned dollars to the power thirsty big oil corporations, when you could learn how to make biodiesel fuel from vegetable oil. Yes, honestly, it is a quick an easy DIY job that could you through the .

Not only are there the financial perks of making your own , but there are also more significant environmental perks. Vehicles running on emit less harmful pollutants into the air, not to mention the fact that you’re re-using cooking oil which would normally end up being taken to the dump.

The first thing you’ll want to do when deciding to your own biodiesel is to read up about the over-all process to sure you’re ready to commit. Biodiesel fuel equipment can be costly, and although you would save thousands by investing in a biodiesel kit, you want to make sure that this is a process you will stick with. If you’re still positive that you want to make your own fuel, then you’ll need to stock up on lots of vegetable oil! Hit up some local restaurants for their used oil-most are happy to have someone to haul it away from them!

Whilst getting the raw ingredients to make biodiesel fuel is simple, producing it is not as hard as you may think either. The easiest way is to work with someone already producing their own. Failing that however, there are many places where you can get step by step guides and kits you can buy to lead you every step of the way. There are a huge assortment of biodiesel processors available online.

The most important step in making your own fuel is to make or buy a biodiesel processor to convert the oil into a fuel safe for use in diesel engines. Some engines may also need to be converted prior to adding biodiesel, but this can be checked with your manufacturer.

After you buy a fuel processor and get it set up, it’s time to start brewin’ your fuel! Do be sure to take your time and carefully read all instructions. Chemicals and high temperatures are used to make biodiesel fuel, so you need to be sure of what you are doing.

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