Future Trends: Home Design Predictions

Great storytellers like Walt Disney and novelists like Jules Verne have given us glimpses into the . Their clear and hopeful visions of “a great, big beautiful tomorrow” have inspired many. So we wonder what Walt and Jules and other “futurists” might say about the that are on the horizon?

One thing that we can look forward to is the growing interest and changing trends in home design, which are all veering toward the better. 10 years from now, homes will be nothing like what we see them today. Intrigued as to how future homes might look like? Take a look at the magic crystal ball and foresee the future

Earth-Friendly Designs

The growing awareness for environmental conservation has extended to the design of eco-friendly homes. The materials are natural resources or biodegradable ones as opposed to the chemical-laden synthetic materials. Recycling is also fast becoming a trend in the use of home decorations. These homes have the rustic appeal that can be emphasized with a Country style theme. Complement it with natural area rugs made of sisal, jute or bamboo in cool earth colors or subtle neutral shades and the design will be reminiscent of Mother Earth’s beauty.

The Likes of Steel and Glass

Similar to the eco-friendly design, this style is also fast becoming popular. The use of colors and decors are minimal and the shapes, lines and forms are nothing too extravagant. Steel and glass are common materials. Creativity can be expressed at its best with this home design. The future therefore, calls for the modern, artistic homeowners to express themselves to the fullest.

Adaptive Reuse Design

A passion to preserve historic architecture inspires builders to repurpose old structures. An empty warehouse, an abandoned church or a closed factory can serve as the basis for a thoroughly contemporary home or a block of apartments or condominiums. In this case, the interior design can reflect the building’s outside heritage or its new inside update.

The Ever-Changing Look

For the more fast-paced and trendy homeowners, constant change is a must. Otherwise, they’ll live in utter boredom. This design is made for them with movable walls, sliding doors and multi-purpose living spaces. Area rugs primarily used as space dividers are highly functional for this kind of home. Segregating areas become more effortless with decorative rugs to define the spaces.

The All-around Design

Generic here is by no means “common.” This refers to the home design that can work for different preferences, styles, and age. The trademark is a home that is easy to live in and move about. The integration of technology, convenience and practicality makes this design applicable to any homeowner.

These are just a fraction of the home design trends we can expect in the coming years. Bottom line however, is the importance of making whatever style you have into a warm, cozy home that is ideal for the family.

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