Basing Your Bar On The Barstools

by Ian Crawford

The most important part of your home is the stools. The stools will help create your ’s theme, and they’ll definitely be the place where you and your guests will naturally gravitate to during parties and other social gatherings.

When looking to buy , there are some things to take into account prior to the bar’s theme. Before considering the style and appearance of the , you must take into account the functionality.

The most important feature of the bar stools is the height of the stools. The most typical (and comfortable) height for the ’s seat is between 11 and 12 inches below the bar top. The first consideration when selecting a is the height of the stool compared to the bar top. Measure the height of the bar top from the floor and select a stool of the appropriate height.

Next, you should think about the foot rail on the bar stools. You more than likely won’t need to get bar stools with foot rails if your bar has the traditional foot rail attached to it. However, if your bar doesn’t have the foot rail attached, you will probably want to choose bar stools with foot rails. It’s very uncomfortable to sit at a barstool and have no place to rest your feet.

The back of the bar stool is another comfort feature to consider closely. may work fine for a 50’s Diner style bar, but if you plan on spending much time at your bar, you’re probably going to want backs on your stools. Backs on bar stools are even more important if you have a TV in your bar area. If there are no backs on your bar stools, people won’t want to sit at the bar for very long.

Another facet of the bar stool’s functionality is whether or not it swivels. usually offer more comfort than stools that don’t swivel. And if you have bar stools that don’t swivel, then the floor under the bar stools will definitely be spoiled as a result of scratching and get worn out earlier. As an extra precaution, you should put floor protectors on your bar stools’ feet to keep your floor free of scratches.

Once you’ve made decisions about the functionality of your bar stools, you can now look for those features in bar stools that fit your bar’s theme.

If you’re attempting to create the art deco look of the 1920’s and 30’s, it may be hard to locate 33″ stools along with foot rails. The same way as it may be difficult to locate 24″ bamboo stools that swivel.

It’s often a good idea to design your bar around your bar stools because there are many styles and sizes, both new and antique, that you can choose from.

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